Best golf windbreaker to brave the elements with style

Even when battling the wind, you need total mobility in your golf swing. Here's are some of the best windbreakers to keep your game sharp and your core warm.

Wind loves open spaces, which means golf courses can get breezy. And wind not only ices your shots but can also chill your body’s temperature.  Windproof Fleece

Best golf windbreaker to brave the elements with style

The answer? A windbreaker. Windbreakers do just what their name suggests but without sacrificing breathability, so you can keep the chill out but not overheat.

While all windbreakers share the same basic function, your personal style comes into play when choosing one. Some of our top picks are featherlight and packable for golfers who need breathability on the go, while others are more robust jackets for those who deal with harsher weather. Read on to learn find the best golf windbreaker for you and the conditions you’ll need to face.

Most golfers aren’t going to play through a thunderstorm, but sometimes you just need to endure some gusts and light rain to be able to finish a round. Every golfer should have a good wind layer when the weather is anything but blue skies (and probably even when it is, just in case).

A windbreaker is a lightweight jacket that provides an outer layer of protection against wind and other elements. Still, golf-specific windbreakers often use premium materials and design to block wind while remaining flexible and breathable enough for athletic activity. As a result, the cost can be higher than cheaper all-purpose windbreakers, but it’s worth paying a bit extra for a golf-specific windbreaker that won’t restrict your swing.

Windbreakers come in a lot of different weights, and many are extremely lightweight and designed to break the wind without heating you up. If you want a windproof jacket or top that also provides some warmth, look for a windshirt-style top that’s thicker than the traditional paper-thin windbreaker.

Most windbreakers aren’t fully waterproof. A true rain jacket will be 100% waterproof and usually sacrifices breathability in the process. The lines blur on the edges since there are windbreakers that are waterproof and most rain jackets are windproof and could technically be called windbreakers. In general, a windbreaker is a lighter-weight jacket that isn’t fully waterproof and is meant to provide protection from wind and possibly light rain.

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Best golf windbreaker to brave the elements with style

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